Life is Too Short Not To Discover the DEPTH Your True Potential..

Life is full of long work days, busy schedules, , unexpected road blocks and every day challenges. It is these things that fill our time and keep us from getting what we really want – to be in great shape, be confident and for your body to do what you ask of it.

You have tried to workout by yourself or maybe you’ve tried many diets, workouts and supplement and but continue to be frustrated with hitting plateaus, wasting time at the gym not knowing what to do and not being able to get the results you desire and deserve!

At Synergize Fitness we will guide you through fun and challenging workouts. The magic is in variety, consistency and community. Workouts are different every day and modified to accommodate ALL ages fitness levels. Our workouts can be adapted for people at any age and level of fitnes

Synergize! is a community of like-minded individuals, of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds who’ve committed to making our health, fitness and optimal well-being a priority. Our focus is to inspire transformation (not a quick fix), have fun, live outside our ‘comfort zone’, and achieve our greatest physical potential.

“I just started back to working out after a few years off of my old simple cardio routine. Not at all the same, this is a real workout. Never felt so old or tired as I do, after my first month. I’m 50 and already my clothes are fitting better and while I am tired after each workout, I feel like I’ve accomplished my goal and I recover faster .While this is not for those who do not want to sweat, the individual attention and motivation keeps you going all through the workouts. Commit, show up and do it. Results are here if your up to putting in the work.”

“If you are looking for a great workout, smaller class sizes & a variety of options, this is your place! I’ve been a part of the Synergize Fitness family for about 5 years now & wouldn’t go anywhere else. The atmosphere is positive & encouraging. The workouts are challenging but the coaches can always modify if you need it. There’s even an “unloaded” program for those looking for hard core results without the barbells. I highly recommend, for a membership or drop-in from out-of-town. You won’t be sorry!“
Samantha Rastagh
“When I joined Synergize Fitness two years ago I was 174 pounds and not looking cute at all! In December 2015, I bought this size 8 dress as my VICTORY dress.At that time I wore a size 14. TOMORROW I am wearing that dress! I have come a long way! I thank you and your staff for all your support as I travel on my fitness journey to a whole new look! This is only the beginning!!!!
Renee Matthews

Here's how easy it is to begin your transformation…

1. Schedule Your Consult & trial Workout

Talk with A Coach About Your Goals and Learn How Synergize Fitness Can Help You Achieve Them

2. Start Your program

Once you have defined your goals and you are ready to begin your Journey, our coaches will take you to the next level! Whether you are trying to find a new gym or your first gym, we’ve got you covered.

3. Have Fun Reaching Your Goals

Once you have the basics down you’ll book classes easily on our app, enjoy the workouts with awesome people and reach your goals in no time!

our philosophy.

This is what we believe works

Synergize Fitness embraces the philosopy that there are 5 Key Pillars that Create Lasting Transformation. In its simplest terms, Synergy means that combining each of these pillars creates is more impactful than any one pillar on its own.

1. Master Your Mindset  – Your thought, beliefs and self-talk are the starting point of lasting transformation. In order to achieve your goals your Mindset must be in sync with your desired goals.

2. Eat Real Unprocessed Food – Proper nutrition is at least 80% of your Results. Exercise will never compensate for a poor diet. Eat whole foods with minimal chemicals and artificial ingredients and your health and fitness will thrive.

3. Move with Vigor. Exercise shapes your body, burns fats, builds muscle aka your metabolic engine, improves sleep, diminishes stress and boost your energy levels. Your body is designed to move and in order for it to transform, it must move outside of its comfort zone.

4. Rest & Recover – Rest and proper recovery is as important as training. The body transforms during rest and if given proper recovery. More is not better. Make time to sleep, stretch and be still every day.

5. Seek Accountability & Support – Accountability and support helps you to show up when you don’t feel like ‘showing up’ and those times will be many. Accountability and support also keeps you on track when your discipline wanes and when your strength weakens. Transformation requires a like-minded community

With our flexible schedules and timetable, you are certain to find something that fits with your busy lifestyle and get in the best shape of your LIFE!

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Our Class Schedule

Multiple Programs for Your Goals.


Our Current Weekday Class Schedule (Non-Holiday)

Our Programs


Kick-Start is MANDATORY for anyone new to Functional Fitness. KS includes three private (or semi-private) training sessions completed during your first week.
The goal to give you confident launch into our world by teaching you the principles of our style of training to give you a confident start at CF954.

private training

Synergize offers personal training for individuals who prefer to train alone, have scheduling conflicts with our group session times, have many limitations that would require significant workout customization, or who have a very specific goal to achieve.
Personal training is a much greater monthly investment than our group programs and only recommended for those who feel they cannot achieve their goals or benefit from group training. o

FUnctional FITNESS GROUP classes

This is our bread and butter, the best hour of your day with world class coaching.
In CF you will mix strength and conditioning elements in a program meant to get you FIT FOR LIFE! This results in working out alongside like-minded people on the journey. we have a unique Workout of the Day (WOD) every day to keep it fun and exciting.

burn bootcamp

Intimidated by Barbells? Just want to focus on getting moving without the complex barbell movements?
The Unloaded program uses functional movements with high skills and heavy lifting in a fun, safe group class that will push you.
UNLOADED is ideal for man or woman who is bored with the traditional gym. needs more accountability and instruction with their workouts, has minimal time to workout and still wants incredible RESULTS.

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